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State of public health emergency = STUDIO CLOSURE!

We are working together!

We would like to start off by

Thanking you all for all your wonderful support and participation

Mandatory restriction – Effective Nov. 27

“no private group lessons will be allowed”

Students have all been emailed and informed of their options but the rest of you mey not yet know...

We have to postpone classes and figure events for the time being.

We have come up with creative solutions to keep things going in other ways, we aim to keep you motivated through the wait..

We still expect all you creatives out there, students and participants to do the work.

You must keep working on your art practice, no excuses, keep drawing and panting and studying.

We also have added reference image packages to the shop to help you continue on your studies at home.

Check out the website and You tube channels under the video tab frequently.

Make sure you are subscribed because I will posting live streams and updates there regularly. We have teachers doing zoom classes and We will continue to develop future class content with online learning in mind as well as film video content for you over the break.

If and when things ease up in the new year we are aiming to open up more session opportunities to use them. Including Monday morning rise & Draw, Tuesday Short Pose, Wednesday Short pose and we aim to add two more days of the week as well, for those of you brave enough to start or end the week drawing figure in the morning :P

Stay connected and feel free to contact us through email if you have any further questions.

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