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Change is the only real constant anyway and they often happen quick, like today.

Date changes, class listing and studio closures below:

Even though we are creatives, we so easily become creatures of habit. We choose to sit in the same spot, and do things the same way and wonder why we don't see growth as quickly as we’d like to see. Growth comes from change; change of season, change of ideas, materials, outlook and more.

I am encouraging you to try the harder thing. Change something about what you are doing. There’s an argument for mastering something through repetition over and over. That can be boring for a mind that seeks the novel. It is great to fully understand the shapes and the way light in a position affects the 3D space. Maybe seeing it from a different vantage point will deepen your understanding of the illusion we are looking to make.  

Why not try another side of the studio for a change in perspective and to challenge your current understanding and assumptions. It is spring, maybe you should freshen it up a bit in order to see things from a new perspective. Change where you sit, and also when you do it…. 

Speaking of Change…… We are changing some session dates.

Tonight will be our last Long pose on a Wednesday. We are moving Short pose to Wednesday nights 6:30 - 9:30.

We are trying something new and moving our long pose session to merge with the group hosted by Reeve on Monday nights 7-10pm! We hope that opens it up to new people too.

There are advantages great being the main decision maker at the studio. I can move on a dime at times to fit what we need or come up with something exciting like the loner pose sessions. Sorry is this news is coming so quick. But though some long contemplation I’m acting on it.

We had originally hosted Tuesday nights having taken over this evening from Simon at Quickdraw but there aren't any quickdraw people attending and they have their drawing class Tuesday evenings already. Plus with the move to Wednesday our nights don’t coincide with Swintons drop in figure sessions. So if you are trying to go out more times a week this should help a bit.

Our longer pose session was full as well so we are feeling it out to do another one right after this one so if you miss out you will have another chance to join in the next session.


Quick change - quick sketch/ short pose  Starting next week will be on Wednesday!

Long pose is Moving to Mondays in May 7 - 10 pm 

We also have just listed our next Directed Studies painting class intake for the Summer semester. I encourage you to sign up early to guarantee your registration. We filled up quick last time and only have so many easels and so much space to accommodate students. 


*A preliminary reminder to those that it effects that we are closed Friday May 10th and Sat May 11 for the Rozsa Raft rental sessions. So there are no Friday classes or Saturday access to the studio.

Studio is Closed Monday May 20th in the daytime; however we will host the Long pose session that evening 7 - 10 pm with muse Monica.


I have been burning the candle at both ends in preparation to work offsite on a public parks project with Metrographics at Last Mountain Saskatchewan. I didn't know there were any mountains in Sask. it must be a joke or the furthest out point where you can still see the tallest mountain from the prairie. I will be out of the studio but courses and sessions are still happening, nobody gets a break that easy when there is still art to be improving.

We will see you again next time you visit the studio.

With thanks and Gratitude,

Bunny aka Brian Batista 

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