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The 7 year itch!

Did you know Bunny was gone?

Celebrating the Atelier Artista's 7th year in my own way....

It’s been 7 years since I opened Atelier Artista. Yes 7.....Lucky 7!  I found an incredible seat sale back in November so as a gift to myself I took the plunge. I wanted to study in Europe once more and take in some masterpieces while gathering photos for future classes. My goal was reconnaissance mission, to fill the well and then to bring it back to spill over into the studio. That I have. 44 Days and over 60 museums, endless strings of photos and maybe a few more pounds gained from pastries. You will see and here more as well as check out posts and stories on the social media platforms.

Thank you for allowing the time to reflect, rejuvenate and integrate all these things. The aim being to improve the opportunities at the Atelier, to create new classes as well.  Bunny wishes to thank you for coming while he was away especially to those who offered their help to keeping the studio doors open in his absence. All this to celebrate 7 years opening the Atelier.

Good things are coming, our spring semester is rolling out there are painting and drawing classes, courses for teens and drop in happening regularly. The next intake is upon us so register now!

Learn more through the website If you haven't signed up already for the newsletter do so at the bottom of the website.  We have drop in multiple times a week. Youth courses and summer camps coming soon plus new stuff that may interest you stay tuned.  There is always more to come!

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