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Our History...

• atelier (noun): 

1: an artist's or designer's studio or workroom


Atelier Artista is a skills based fine art school. We are focused on fostering appreciation and understanding of well crafted,  beautiful representational artworks through the development of the technical skills necessary to create them.

A place to fortify your observational skills and to develop your creative muscles; to strengthen both your eyes and your hands. As you begin learning new methods and techniques you will also exercise your mind...


• Courses

• Figure Drawing Classes


• Rentals

• Private Classes


• Workshops

• Special Events


Our Instructor

We aim to bring the best in art instruction as well as to continue to bring in amazing visiting instructors and professional artists to help Calgary's art community thrive.

Our main course load is taught by Atelier Artista founder and principal instructor Brian "Bunny" Batista.


Brian "Bunny" Batista has set his sights on mastery in this lifetime. After getting a degree with distinction in 2001 from the Alberta College of Art and Design he went on to work in media arts and animation, and co-founded the Calgary Underground Film Festival.

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