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Our Story

Atelier Artista is a skills based fine art school. We are focused on fostering appreciation and understanding of well crafted,  beautiful representational artworks through the development of the technical skills necessary to create them.

​An Atelier is a professional artist's workshop and studio space used for the education of students and artists of all skill levels. The focus is on developing skills and improving creative pursuits under the gentle guidance of passionate professionals and enthusiastic peers.

Atelier Artista is a place to fortify your observational skills and to develop your creative muscles; to strengthen both your eyes and your hands. As you begin learning new methods and techniques you will also exercise your mind. This atelier is a place to train like an athlete uses a gym. To be a proficient artist you need to continue to "work out" in order to develop discipline, concentration and patience alongside technique and skill. 

Our atelier has  spectacular light coming in through large, north facing windows. We are equipped with quality custom studio furnishings, including solid oak drawing horses, easels and tabourets. We deliver academic curriculum  on our turn of the century slate chalkboards.  We have drop in figure drawing 3 nights a week. Classes for kids and so much more.

Atelier Artista is located at cSPACE in the newly renovated King Edward School. cSPACE has developed this heritage building project to LEED Gold standards. Our space is environmentally friendly and energy efficient with low impact colour balanced LED lighting, clean air systems, recycling, compost and waste systems in place.

Let us teach you to make Art!

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