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June 2, 2021 Livestream  6 - 9pm

June 2, 2021 Livestream 6 - 9pm

Tonight we will render the second of the two two Sabin Howard's drawing studies to see what we can extract and learn from from his style. Sabin a classical figurative sculptor based in New York City is a who is currently creating a National WWI Memorial sculpture titled "The Weight of Sacrifice”a 60 ft bronze sculpture in Memorial in Pershing Park, Washington D.C. However Sabin is not just a great sculptor, just look at his figure drawings, his style elevates the body and his understanding of describing its 3Dimensionality on a 2D surface exquisitely. Thats why today I decided to do a study of two of his drawings in hopes of extracting some of his over 30 years experience and 50,000 hours of practice to humble ourselves and to gain insight from his mastery and technique. If you don’t know his work check him out in the book on his website or on any social media platform or browser you are using. Find yourself an image or copy the one I’m using. and Join along, draw along, watch, learn, listen, share, comment, subscribe or do all of the above. We appreciate it, help us grow the channel and with the Youtube Algorithm. Warmly, Bunny aka Brian Batista Studio website: Personal website: Some reference images are available on our website: You tube channels: Http:// Instagrams: Facebook: Twitter: Linked in: Alignable:
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