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Brian "Bunny" Batista

Our main course load is taught by Atelier Artista founder and principal instructor Brian "Bunny" Batista.

Brian "Bunny" Batista has set his sights on mastery in this lifetime. After getting a degree with distinction in 2001 from the Alberta College of Art and Design he went on to work in media arts and animation, and co-founded the Calgary Underground Film Festival.

Since 2011, Bunny has been teaching in the Continuing Education department at the Alberta College of Art and Design. He also continues to teach animation to teens at the Quickdraw Animation Society. He hosts introductory sampler classes every few  Sundays at Swinton’s Art Supply .


A man of many hats, Bunny found his bliss when he began to follow his passion as an arts educator and opened Atelier Artista. Bunny continues to study abroad and hone his skills through workshops and residencies so that he can bring the knowledge and experience back to Calgary and offer it to students at the Atelier.

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The Atelier

We aim to bring the best in art instruction as well as to continue to bring in amazing visiting instructors and professional artists to help Calgary's art community thrive.​

The approach at Atelier Artista fuses a western methodology and the classical model in a refreshing and exciting way. The curriculum is holistic with a goal to increase the quality of fine art by encouraging the proper training of practical art skills. At Atelier Artista students learn to see in new ways and to improve their skills through hands on engagement and academic exercises.

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