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I was going to joke about my broken pencil. But it was pointless. 

What time do artists wake up? At the crack of drawn. 

He has risen. I got up early as I do for Monday's Rise and Rraw. But as most of you should know the studio is closed. Old habits die hard.  Sorry to whoever still showed up the building is closed too. Sorry to myself for getting up but it’s allowed me to write this post now. 

I’ll be laying low from now to avoid the pranks and jokes until after noon as is the custom. Nothing on the internet will be true today, so we all as well close our devices and take the time to do more useful things like this newsletter or to do creative things. 

Here’s what’s happening this week:

Tomorrow Tuesday April 2 

We have Luke’s B-day (this Thursday) but he hosts the short pose session at 6:30 so there will be treats that evening in celebration. 


Long pose with Ang.


A special session with a pregnant friend posing, that’s a rare opportunity at the studio. 


We have 2 courses starting Friday both TGIF and for Tweens and Teens. 

And after that….


Rise and draw starts up again next Monday. So sign up and save $, it’s basically a way to get two sessions for free.

Directed studies class is full so no more sign ups are allowed. If you want to learn to paint let me know and I’ll add more classes in future. 

There’s also the multipass option for flexibility but the deal isn’t as sweet. Buy 9, get one free. Still a great deal at any rate.

Tuesday short and Wednesdays long pose 6:30-9:30 


We have a special extra long poses session for 4 Thursdays coming up as well.

Plus there’s more in the works for the spring season including summer camps. So stay tuned for more and keep checking your clean slate emails from Atelier Artista. 

Okay fine, one more joke…..

Why did the art thief’s van run out of gas as he drove away from the museum?

Because he had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh.

Stay creative,


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