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Pregnant model session
  • Pregnant model session


    THURSDAY April 4, 6:30 - 9:30

    Cost: $25 +GST

    *multipass users welcome to use their credits


    Come draw something beautifully rare to have on the model stand a beautiful pregnant soon to be mother.


    We are very fortunate that one of our fellow creatives is 9 months pregnant and just about ready to pop. Hopefully not on or before the sessioon. She will allow us to draw her, but no tags of artwork or blur the face as we must respect her desire for privacy and discretion. Your fees will pay the model which will go towards the newborns future! So win/win/win




    As always we provide the space, furniture, lights and more

    You bring the creativity and your art supplies!


    All skill levels welcome. 

    Space is limited, first come first serve. 


    See our rules etiquette for more info:

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