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That disappointed look ….

It’s our goal to have you create more.

But we cant reach trough the screen and grab you by your ear and drag you down here.

We can’t wait to see your face and butts in seats. 

There are so many great things coming….


There is no magic that will make you "not suck".

  1. First, you have to want to get better.

  2. Second, you have to put your time in and in all my years at the studio I've noticed that those who come out consistently have the largest growth.

  3. Third, you have to be brave to take some risks, learn more and try new things, maybe change where you sit.

It's true that practice is the only thing that’ll help you get better. It can be hard at times but nothing worth doing is easy. It’s more important to us that you participate and contribute by being part of the community. Just by showing up, bringing your energy.

Think of figure drawing like going to the gym. Keeping your hand, eye and brain strong. Building these muscles. Or better yet, its like music. Like playing piano, you have to practice if its going to sound good. We need to learn our scales and foundations then we learn to better put it together, with practice it begins to come natural and in no time you are composing your own works.

Practice will keep you sharp!


We know times are tough. But where the going gets tough the tough get going. Don't give up!

Some of you have lots of unused Multi-pass credits just waiting for you to use. You know who. Like stocks they have gone up. Since February last year we raised the drop in to reflect the times. To keep up, we gave the models a raise $5/hr. for their professionalism.  So, when you attend regularly your fees are the proceeds that keep the studio open but also help honour and respect our wonderful art models.

Plus: You can still save $ buy buying in bulk or attending day sessions for the full semester. As you know in the arts we are very flexible. Most of all we just want you down here attaining your artistic goals.

We have our regular schedule available on the website calendar plus some special sessions coming up.

Monday Rise and Draw 9 am - noon

and evening with Reva 7 - 10 pm

Tuesday Short Pose  6:30 -9:30

Wednesday Long pose  6:30 -9:30

Thursday special sessions  6:30 -9:30

Friday TGIF  9:30 - noon


We are bringing back our extra long poses. Same pose over multiple weeks for those who need more time and/or want to paint. There are some restrictions: we need you to commit to all sessions so read the information on the listing below.

Happy Eclipse.

"You have to have dark in order to show light just like in life"

-Bob Ross

See you in the studio,


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