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Why cant we just do something simple. We upgraded our kitchen area with a gold leafed logo on the countertop. Here is a quick behind the scenes view of the steps to success.

In this episode I do an overview of Graphite as a general art material, a bit of history, its uses and I make a chart from 4H-F-HB-8B and everything in between. I mention the pros of erasability to the cons of reflectivity. Learn more about this foundational "lead".

In this Episode #61, I cover one of my favourite and the most ancient of art materials and comparing them and their use. This video will show you the many forms and brands of charcoal and how they can be used in a variety of ways on paper. We review, powdered charcoal, vine charcoal, woodless pencil and pencil charcoals, , compressed charcoal types, Generals' brand, Jack Richeson, Nitram, as well as "white" charcoal/chalk. See our chart and learn how they behave with a chamois, soft brush, firm brush, stump, tortillion (blending stump), kneadable eraser, vinyl eraser and finally finger blending.

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