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Let’s FACE the FACTS…

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

This is more than just news. Upcoming courses and more below.

Just an observation, but things are definitely getting pretty "interesting" out there these days so rather than hide away, don’t trap yourself come join us, make stuff, learn and play.

I am certain Atelier Artista is the best, brightest and most beautiful studio location for us to to plant seeds and watch them grow and bear the fruits of our labours.

More now than ever, we need each other to make this world go round. I want you to have a chance to be part of what we have here. My aim is to  make this world a better place for others through my vision, skills and gifts. I put my time and money where my mouth is and have built Atelier Artista so that everyone in the Calgary arts community can nurture their creative skills together.

You are part of this dream and I am so grateful for your participation and patronage—Atelier Artista could not thrive without you.

You may notice a lot of new faces as we mature in our third year at cSPACE. We have tons of new classes and we have some of the most genuine, talented and amazing art instructors around! Not only will you meet a lot of new people and make friends at the Atelier you will also learn more than you expected was possible is far less time.

We have so many amazing things on offer I’m astounded, but the journey here insofar has been an incredible challenge personally. I’ve put my all into this but I have far too many plates to keep spinning. I have been doing nearly everything from website, admin, marketing, teaching classes, working extra jobs and more to keep this dream alive. As we grow, I am no longer capable of doing all of this on my own.

Do not fear! I’m not giving up and its too early to retire!

Anticipating continued growth I have decided to hire some help at the studio and so…

Atelier Artista is proud to announce another new face has joined our team, one you may have seen before…

The amazingly talented Melissa Cole will be taking care of much of the day to day operations including the website, course listings, model bookings and more. Melissa's wheelhouse is often behind the scenes making things happen for us artists. However I’m lucky to know that she is a considerable force having worked with the Leighton Art Centre, Calgary Allied Arts Foundation, Okotoks Culture & Heritage, The Ranchmen’s Club, Art Calgary, PPP, and more. We are lucky to have her on contract for the next three months (fingers crossed we can keep her permanently).

Do you want to learn to paint the clothed figure?

More than Just News... upcoming courses & more

Bobbi has some new course offerings and demo offerings....

In this session we will explore the clothed/draped figure from life. Our primary focus, through direct observation, will be how clothing affects the shape of the body.

Click here for more information.

We are fortunate to get another class with Luke, but hurry it is filling fast.

Come learn how to confidently construct the human head and how to better make a clear, confident and concise statement in your portrait work!

Click here for more information.

Learn to design and set up a still life and then paint from life!

Click here for more information.