Reilly Method of Drawing the Head with Luke Church

Mondays, 7:00 – 9:00pm

6 sessions: September 28 - Nov. 9

Cost: $360

*No class thanksgivein Oct. 12


This is a 6 week intensive course that will focus on Frank Reilly’s full process of drawing the human head. The Reilly Method has a long and distinct lineage from the golden age of illustration, and is still widely practiced to this day. It is a powerful and efficient method of interpreting the head that allows the artist to create with clarity, design, and beauty in arguably the most important beginning stage of a drawing - the gesture.


Luke will be covering the beginning stages of a head drawing all the way to a fully finished render. The beginning stages of a head drawing will focus on the proportions, utilization of the Reilly abstraction and planes of the head. Once the students are familiar with this stage Luke will be taking his demos further and discuss shape design, edges, rendering form and handling of the individual features for both male and female.


Each class will contain a lecture and demonstration by the instructor followed by the students will apply the information learned from supplied reference or a live model.


Come and learn how to confidently construct the human head and how to better make a clear, confident and concise statement in your portrait work!


Materials needed: 

Charcoal pencils

Wolff Carbon (4B or 6B)

Conte Pierre Noire 1710-B, or Generals 2B or 4B

Soft graphite pencils grade 6B-9B are also acceptable

Smooth Newsprint - any brand

Kneadable eraser any brand

Sandpaper block and single edged razor blades

Large binder clips 2-4

Masking tape or artists tape

Roll or pad of tracing paper (9x12 minimum)

Reilly Method of Drawing the Head with Luke Church

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