Bobbi Dunlop – Figure Painting, from Life

(variations will include: nude or clothed model, portraiture, etc)


6 week Course: Thursdays, 1:00– 3:30pm

October 8th – November 12th 2020)

$300 Plus GST (includes model fee)


Welcome to my Atelier Artista class!  I like to keep things simple and logical

a process more philosophical than formulaic.  As artists we need to have

a 'tool-box' filled with knowledge in order to make beautiful brushmarks and …

to be able to tackle whatever comes at us.


Here are just some of the “ideas” we'll explore in class:


1) Mass Design: "Massing In" puts your idea into your space.


2) Brushstrokes: the language of painting.


3) Shapes | Values | Edges | Colour: The simpler, the better.


4) Simple! See the beauty and you'll paint it, rather than merely copying

     reality. The simpler the idea, the more powerful the painting.


5) Visual Concepts | Abstract Visual Idea: Have a statement in mind.

     Open yourself to possibilities.


6) Flat Shapes: very simple; clear from a distance; looks lit


7) Paint from a photo “as if you’re painting from life”.



In this class, we will explore painting the nude figure, from life, as well as from a photo (supplied). Our primary focus, through direct observation, will be how light affects form, paying close attention to major concepts such as abstract design and beautiful paint quality. All while staying true to the fundamentals in order to portray a beautiful painting:

Shape, Value, Edges & Colour.  


Students will paint the model from life for the first weeks and from photo references in the final weeks. 


The first class Bobbi will demonstrate an oil painting of our model, from life.  In this class, students will become familiar with the process and will be free to ask questions.


In the following 3 weeks (Weeks 2-4) the class will paint the same model pose from life.


In weeks 5 & 6 the class will paint from a photo (supplied). The idea will be to “paint from a photo as if you are painting from life”.


Note: Bobbi will paint along with the class in each session. In this way, you will be able to observe a painting progress from the ‘start’ to a somewhat finished painting. You will receive one-on-one guidance throughout the class.


Level: Some painting experience – Advanced. All demonstrations will be done in oil. Acrylic painters welcome.

Course Includes Model Fees. Registrants will receive course supply list.

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Figure Painting, from Life with Bobbi Dunlop

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