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Crushing it & closures

It turns out you guys are the best readers. Atelier folks are atypically high newsletter readers, especially Thursday around 4pm. Thats amazing...... so I'll make the effort to write more.

More importantly there are some items to know about:

Just a quick reminder about upcoming studio closure dates, don't want you wasting any gas coming to cSPACE to find out the door is closed.

There are no classes May 10 & 11th as the studio is rented out to our neighbours down the hall Rozsa for their RAFT sessions. So Friday drawers and tween and teen, you have one day off for other things but we will see you again at the regular time the following week May 17th. TGIF 9:30 - Noon. Tween & Teen 3:30 -5:30 pm

Closed May 20th for the stat holiday Daytime sessions No Rise & Draw or Directed Studies.

We WILL be hosting the long pose with Monica 7 - 10 pm May 20th as she's tough to book in. The building may be locked but there is a keypad to the left of the main (NE) entrance doors and you can either look up Atelier Artista (we are first on the list) or punch #410 and it'll call my phone and I can buzz you in remotely for the session.

Today is Wednesday = Hump day.

Tonight we have Short Pose tonight 6:30 - 9:30pm with muse Emily B. and hosted by the gifted Luke church.

Bunny is back after a spontaneous need to go out of town to the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan to work on a project with Metrographics. The first day was 17hrs long but we CRUSHED it! Below are some pics I snapped to share with you to see what I got up to. We were working at the Last Mountain Lake bird Migration conservation park. The days were long but we got it done. In the evenings we stayed in a hundred year old Hotel in Simpson. The food was extra fried and there were no fruits or veggies in the diet so I was especially happy to come home a few days earlier than scheduled. Much to the surprise of the Rise & Draw crew and the Directed Studies students.

Speaking of Directed Studies..... This class is coming up again and its been very full. I'm offering less spots not in order to leave a vacant flex easel for people to come and go as drop ins as I know us creatives need flexibility in these warming up months ahead, just let me know you are coming before hand so I can set up the proper equipment.

If you are taking the full 6 classes remember to sign up online here:

and show up for the first class this Monday 1 pm.

I love painting soooo much and I'd like to teach more. I need to know if there is more interest to take classes during the daytime so I can get an idea how much interest there is and what times may be best suited for more painting classes. email me at

That's it for now. If I don't see you for short pose tonight, or longer pose Thursday night, see you next week!

Stay colourful,


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