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Whats been going on in the studio?

There have been a lot of changes going on in the background. If you havent been reading your newsletter emails or seeing whats up on the website and social media then you have some catching up to do too.


Atelier Artista is not only a classroom and community space for Drop in Figure sessions but its also a working studio space. Some of you may remember the "biowalls" (3d bas relief animal murals) we put up a while back, well this time we are doing large murals on canvas, only hanging it on the wainscotting didn't work out as we had hoped.

So a temporary wall had to be built in order to mount the canvas flush so that we could paint it. It's was just large enough that three of us shouldn't have gone with "Safety third" but hey, we got it up eventually. It was a little jankey but we reinforced it heavily and its super sturdy. Borrowed a bakers scaffold of James and stapled up the pieces Kristi from across the hall sewed together. Thanks to you both!

We spent the remainder of the day with brush in hand blocking in the subject matter with the image creator Douglas Driediger of Metrographics (1st floor office). I'm very fortunate to be doing lots of projects with them since moving into cSPACE. If you arent one that come regularly you should poke your head in so that you can see the changes in person and watch at a few more get created in the studio before being taken down off the wall and shipped to their new home in the Yukon.

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