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"Teachers Open The Doors, But You Must Enter By Yourself.” – Chinese Proverb

The early bird gets the worm. We have launched our fall classes with annual Back to the Studio sale. Save $50 - $100 on courses now until September 12th. Space is limited, we keep our classes small so you get a better learning experience. It's first come first serve so do not hesitate to register or you might miss your opportunity for the best damn art education experience of your life.

Consistent practice is the road to mastery.

Learn to paint and draw better than you could expect with our newest offering.

We have a few HOT SEATS for a tiny number of students who want to take more classes more often. It ends up costing about $500 a month but with that you can take any and all the day classes you want. Have a seat in every class, basically become part of the furniture in the studio.You'll get tons of personalized guidance and its cheaper than renting a studio. Besides, can you think of a more beautiful place to spend your time creating?

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