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Updated: Mar 21, 2019


Thanks to everyone who made our Art Auction and Fundraiser an enormous success!

Together, we raised over $8000!!!

100% of the revenue generated by this auction and fundraiser go towards Heather dawn Kemp’d daughters cancer treatments.

If you would still like to support Heather Dawn Kemp’s cause you can do so on her “I Believe You Care-“ Gofundme page here:

Thanks to everyone coming out shows the strength of our collective community. Thanks to everyone for sharing on social media and coming to the party. Artists helping artists. For that, you deserve many thanks, a big warm hug and a wheelbarrow full of gratitude.

Somehow, an amazing group of people with an idea and big hearts were able to pull this off in just 10 days. It proves that when we come together with a united vision we are an unstoppable force!

Atelier Artista was pleased to donate the space for this event. The atelier took two days to set up and collect the artwork, one fun night to throw an Art party and two more days following to get it back. Bunny got in a very good workout going up and down the ladder hanging and taking down artwork for a few days. Thats good because thats about all the exercise inside the studio he gets.

Now that we know what it takes to run an event like this. We have seen what a success it can be……Atelier Artista hopes to host a “spring cleaning” like this for artists to be able to clear out their inventory and support a charitable cause annually. If this is a good idea and you’d like to be involved next year, let us know.

It took a lot more work than we could have anticipated, we must thank our army of volunteers:

Thank you Luella Gilchrist for inspiring and heading up this event.

Thank you to Brenda Lucas for pulling things together using her magic.

Thanks to Doug Swinton for the support and all the snacks.

Thank you to our amazing Rumble House auctioneers Rich Theroux and Jess Szabo

Thanks to Patrick Rowsome for “Vana Whiteing” the artworks..

Thanks to Bruce Halliday and Andrea Slack for taking care of all the payments and receipts.

Thank you to our Belly Dancer Courtney Adomaitis.

Thanks to Reva Diana for running our bar and serving the drinks.

Thanks to Keith Springall who helped us hang the works late into the night.

Special thanks to thank you to Kimberlee Jones, Heather, Cheryl and Mike.

Thank you to our event photographer Alexander Slobodian who took the pictures you see here.


Extra special thanks goes out to all the artists who donated work for the auction, without you this would not have been at all possible:

Shirley Adams,

Irina Angheluto,

Cassandra Arnold,

Susan Ballantine,

B. Bates,

Brian “Bunny” Batista,

S. Borttin,

Hermann Brandt,

Janet Brodish

Elena Bushan,

Maria Carrero,

Emilia Charente,

Marina Cooke,

Ella Curette,

Bobbi Dunlop,

Elisa Friesen,

Ashley Gaboury,

Luella Gilchrist,

Ann Christine Gurholt,

Bev Johnson,

Wes Jones,

Cheryl Kemp,

Heather Dawn Kemp,

Rod Lacmuth,

L. Lukasawich,

Caran Magaw,

Gerard Muhall,

Jan Murray,

Cheryl Peddie,

Louie Pisterzi,

Tracy Proctor,

Svitlama Protenko,

Shona Rae,

Jo Reimer,

Cameron Lee Roberts,

Patrick Rowsome,

Shirl Rowsome,

Marina Sakhanyan,

Fran Schlosser,

Aaron Sidarenko.

Alice Aliki Sirounis,

Andrea Slack,

Keith Springall,

Doug Swinton,

Ray Swirsky,

Heather Trepanned,

Yulia Tsinko,

Anna Wasniewska

Further thoughtful and kind donations provided by:

The Canadian Brewhouse,

Bon Ton Market,

Greg Keller,

Yulia Tsinko,

Blue Rock Gallery,

Swinton’s Art Supplies,

Half-Hitch Brewery

& Michael Collett.

Hopefully we didn't miss anyone on this tremendous list, but if we did let us know and we will update. Email Bunny at

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