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It's been nearly 5 months since we made those New Year resolutions, have you still kept yours? Are you still practicing your drawing at least once a week?

it started out as a big empty classroom

A few years back I had a dream to share with you, and two + years ago I opened Atelier Artista. It started out as an idea and an empty classroom. Its already become so much more. For me there have been many added benefits, personally I’m so happy I get to spend all my time and energy in the studio. I have been able to maintain my own practice and have seen improvement in my own work. My only real regret is that I wish I had done this so much sooner. Hindsight is 20/20 after all.

pure potential and slate chalkboards

The real gift of this place is making new friends and deeper connections. I’ve seen the growth in my students which is improving the Calgary Arts scene on the whole. I even get the honour of teaching kids, the artists of the future. We’ve hosted many a great party, held a successful fundraiser/ art auction, had a variety of pop ups, brought in our first visiting artist, hosted free talks and figure sessions, special events and more and look forward to the future. But what makes it all really great is you.

this fall, visiting artist Juan Martinez gave a free artist talk in the Treehouse

I’ve observed the most growth in the students who manage to create a time for themselves to keep it up. Those regulars who come to classes or drop-in every week are making major improvements. If you want to get better, the fastest route is to have a routine and to practice consistently.

As children, we learn by doing not by being told or reading a book. When we learn to walk we fall on our butts numerous times before we learn to get up and go. Soon we are dancing. We learn through play. We learn though watching and mimicry. We learn by trial and error. We learn through failure. The ups and downs are both challenging and rewarding. It can be a painful process at times. But Im certain it is totally worth it.

I urge you to pick up those pads and pencils and renew your resolve to keep it up!

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