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PIGMENTS with Nick Rooney

What is in oil paint?

How is it made?

Am I getting what I've paid for?

In this lecture/demo Nick will discuss everything you've wanted to know about oil while demonstrating how high quality hand made pigment is made.  

He will also do some colour mixing and allow you to mull your own paint that you can take home afterward.

We hosted another great Pigments evening with Nick Rooney this Friday June 28. It was informative and engaging. The participants asked a ton of great questions throughout the evening. I recommend anyone interested in knowing more about their medium whether or not you ever intend on making your own paint, it is empowering to know as much as you can about your materials.

I learned even more the second time I attended. If you are interested we may be able to host another session before Nick leaves our city for overseas study. Send me an email and I'll put you on a waiting list.

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