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No time like the present

Art should be for everyone! We have students of all ages ranging form 5 - 75. Of all skill levels and backgrounds.The visual language is one that can be learned by anyone, at any time. Making “realistic” art is a type of magic. You need to learn the rules then apply or bend them to create the illusion. I have yet to meet someone who cant be taught. Is this you? come down and challenge me, I dare you.

I used to say “I can teach anyone to draw if you can sign the cheque”. Unfortunately, that clever quip has been working less effectively with todays youth. Just yesterday, I mentioned all the ways you can pay for courses (all of them BTW) and the young person I was talking too asked what a cheque was and if anyone uses them anymore. I guess not. The times are changing. What isn't changing is what you must grasp and master to create good quality representational art.

It has been pointed out that through social media and when you guys are at drawing events that the level of improvement of Atelier students is noticeable. I notice how good you are all doing too! I am so proud of all my students. I do often get asked what makes my students are doing so good. I’d love to chalk it up to the teacher but this is no magic answer. You guys work hard and I think the classes are fun and clearly delivered. The course content is always improving. It has to be allowing thing that can ebb and flow as to fit whatever the students may need.

1982 was a log time ago but clearly some things never change.

It’s not talent anymore. Maybe at in 1982, but since then I have focused my entire life in this pursuit. I have spent a lot of time and money continue to improve and train my eye. Now it is a skill. A skill that any of you can have too. Knowledge is the key. The the hand can come later. With a trained eye you can have a solid grasp on what it is needed to be learned. Often its called ones “perfect practice". What is it that you need to learn?

The things offered at the Atelier are the things I wish I had learned so long ago. My artistic journey has been a meandering path in and out of chaos. There has been a lot of frustration, tears and head scratching. I want you to avoid the pitfalls I’ve had to deal with on my path. I just want to put things of interest into a succinct system, one that continues to develop and improve. The types of things I have on offer are the things I wish I had learned way back when I was getting my ACAD degree. It took at least a decade to formulate the rest. I have had to travel continually, taking workshops abroad, sponging up books, videos and more. What you can learn today in any one of our classes is to take the guess work out so that you don't have to.

In our Learn to Draw course, we touch on many of the essentials. This gives our students an opportunity to try a wide variety of techniques. It helps to point out where one may need to do more training. A trained eye can see these weaknesses immediately but it is up to the creator to learn more and get that area handled. When something is difficult that probably points out where you need to grow. Practice is the key to mastery.

You can learn based on the subject that interests you. Like portraits? Don't be left behind. Many people have already taken our most popular course on it and have learned to draw the face effectively. The course guides student sin an academic approach with a focus on laying in the proper proportions and correct placement of the features. We break down every part of the features and use new words so you can fill your brain with useful chatter. This course is starting up again Tuesday mornings, hurry and register to day to guarantee your spot!

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

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