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Merry Merry

Happy Holidays creatives!

Thank you all so much for a wonderful 2023 at the Atelier Artista. We made many great memories and well as well crafted artworks. We have had fun times and more as we look forward to the holidays and new adventures in the year to come.

You all know by now that I like to host a good party but this one was even more spectacular that I could have imagined. I dint bake and I barely decorated but that was then yet by far. 

Thank you all who were able to make it out to the annual Christmas party!

After a stressful cart loading at Costco in the morning I met up with Elena who came early to help me set up, and to “cut the cheese and meats”. Thank you Lori and Evan for the additional help in getting everything together before the guests arrived. Thanks to Evans Mom for making the custom cookies. Thanks to everyone who was so kind or brought dishes, baking, gifts, cards and wine. Thank you to Bill Bare it All for showing off your smoky cocktail hardware and mixing it up for everyone.

As far as I could tell by the level of chatter and smiles we had a great time. The event was boisterous, the studio was full of energy and animated interactions. I did get myself locked out of the building around 11 pm. But in true virgo fashion, I made it back in to tidy up as I go. I eventually got home by 2:30 am. It was a stellar celebration! I look forward to doing it again. I snapped a few pics at the start then forgot by the end. Below is a partial gallery, in no particular order, for you to enjoy if you weren't able to make it out.

As some of you already know you can sign up now for courses and session in 2024!

This will only happen once this time this year.

We are doing something new this year: A SPECIAL SALE on our MULTI-PASSES because you hardcore creatives deserve a break for coming to practice so consistently.

We are offering our Multi-passes for the original price $175 from when we opened back in 2017. That’s about $75 off or equivalent of three sessions free! There are no limits on how many you can get and there is no expiry date so load up between now and NYE while the getting is good. Thanks you in advance for your consistent practice and progress working out at our art gym/studio.

Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night!



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