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May it be loooong….Happy long weekend creative Canadians!

Closure reminder:  Closed for May long weekend.

Monday day classes, No Rise & Draw session or Directed Studies class.

HOWEVER, there will be long pose in the evening 7-10 pm. With Monica, as it’s out last chance to book her for long pose before she moves to the states.  Try and make it out if you can. I booked her for TGIF Fridays in June if you need more time before she moves.

There will be wings the following Monday, we are adding stuff to draw but it should be exciting Monday May 27, 7 -10 pm.



Since swapping some of our evening drop in sessions Tuesday night is free for classes. 

As a teacher, time and time again I come back to the importance of mastering the fundamentals. It’s fine to break the rules sometimes, but it seems to me like everybody is taking short cuts somewhere and its not to their advantage.  Maybe you are new to painting or have never been taught a better way of doing things more professionally. Tuesday evenings may be just the thing for you.

While travelling abroad I was thinking about what more I could bring back to elevate the artists in Calgary. I gathered intel and photographic examples on my trip. I reflected on what could I offer to propel people further in their skills. I came up with this first series of skills I’d expect anyone to have that consider themselves a painter in oil or acrylic. 

These classes will help building a strong foundation and understanding in either medium you prefer. This series will make you more efficient and effective because none of us have time to waste to noodle about. I’d love to help you learn to organize the chaos of the palettes better as well as learn to hold the brush and control the paint application properly. Plain and simple: These classes will cover theory and practice with demos, tips, trips and techniques.

I hope this wets your appetite.

Check out the NEW listings on the website under painting courses.

I hope everyone is having a good long weekend and look forward to seeing you in the studio shortly again!

My thanks and gratitude,


aka Brian Batista

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