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Just give me a second chance....

Unbelievable, it happened again... There's something definitely wrong with the website wrote an entire posting with pictures saved it and published it and it failed again. You've got to be kidding me... redo again, but for you its worth it.

  • Holt renfrew gig

  • Holiday Sale and party

  • Animation stuff

  • Free ticket contest at the end of this post

I thought I'd take this chance to redeem myself and share with you my experience on Saturday working a special event at Moncler in Holt Renfrew. I'll be the first to admit I've never heard of Moncler, let alone been in a Holt Renfrew. Oh wait, there was one time two decades ago when I designed their window display I passed through to get to eh window. Its also been years since I stepped foot in a mall for that matter. So I think its safe to say I have no real clue whats going on outside my little arts bubble in the real world. I'll also be the first to admit my bubble was popped Saturday afternoon.

I was hired by refferal froma company in New York to do live drawings of the custom outerwear that was ordered at the event. Taboo had already nearly killed me by this point but I had booked this gig long ago so I needed to get in my suit (black professional was the requirement by the client) and put forth my best effort. The H & R staff was great and they offered hospatility. I'm on a cleanse right now so just fancy water for me.

While I was there an adorable little girl was entralled with what I was up to so I let her parents leave her with me to coloured as they shopped. Later, when Iwent to the bathroom I noticed a sweater on the rack and it cost $1098 for a shirt, seriously?!! People pay that. They should buy art, granted it wont keep you warm but it wont get coffee spilled on it in the first week so I'll keep its value and can be passed on to any sized human.

I'm definitley out of my element here. It's a world I haven't paid much attention too but I'm very aware now. During my time there I also saw about 8 coats come past my pencils. To my surprise they started at $2370 before customizations. Are you kidding me, for a jacket? Man oh man, I had no idea fashion was like this. It's an education in what people find value in. Who are the people who can afford clothes like this? Asking for a friend he has some of my artwork that he'd be happy to sell them in addition to those jeans.


Burned out and mind bent, I raced back to taboo to work until midnight. Like the energizer bunny I just keep going and going.....


This is our first year offering a HOILIDAY SALE so if you have a friend or group that wants a stellar deal learning direcly from me this is your chance to save $.

Speaking of the holidays.............

Planning is happening for the Annual Christmas party: Dec. 16th 3pm - 9pm and you know that I throw a great shindig and have some surprises in store for you this year, and tremendous food/ baking of course!


As Many of you may know I've been involved with animation and Quickdraw Animation Society for about 20 years+. I first won a production scholarship back in the early 200's and made this student film above. After that I volunteered a lot and learned all I could and eventually became the President of QAS for a term. I still teach there in summers and on occasion throughout the year.

I was very fortunate to be a part of two projects that are screening Thursday evening November 16th at 6:30pm and the Globe theatre. The first is a first Nations animation project called "Cut Knife river" which is a joint project with Making Treaty 7 and Gunaha Tsuu Ti'na nations teachers and is an aesthetic sight to behold. The second is titled "Camping" and is one of the scholarship winners stop motion film. Both are worth seeing if you can get out there tickets and more info here:


We are also a community partner at GIRAF animation festival (NOv. 16-19th) hosted by quickdraw that starts tomorrow and theres plenty to see all weekend so check it out. As many of you know I've been involved with animation for quite a while. My Thursday night class with be at the 6:30 screening because I worked on two of the films that will be there. Atelier Artista is also a community partner for the Sunday screenings.



We are a community partner with quickdraw for Sundays Screening. We have a few tickets to give away All you have to do it name Bunny's first student animation and be the first in line as they are fist come first serve. Email us or DM on instagram.

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