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It wouldn't be stretching it by saying....

Wow, our pop up Canvas building workshop this past Friday was a huge success!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Everybody did a wonderful job and walked away with a higher quality 12 oz standard canvas. I think any painter should know how to build them properly and at least do it once. This will help gain respect for the craftsmanship and focus on quality even if one never builds another. Inform yourself what to look for when buying supports and keep from buying the wrong sale crap from the big chain stores.

The sound of drums could be heard beating down the hallway. I shared many being the scenes personal secrets and efficient and effective techniques learned over many years of experimenting, failing a lot and seeing the results through the test of time.

I’ve had the odd painting here and there come back after 10 - 15 years and repaired many damaged works from the past. I’ve seen how cracking occurs through flexibility or using poor quality materials or poor lumber and how to avoid these pitfalls to make something that will last. Don't leave it up to the conservators.

When first starting out money can be an issue. But you shouldn't skimp of the support. The support is the foundation in which your work is built. The will hold your expensive paint and something that you will devote so much time on. Spent the money here and go cheaper on the rest if necessary. So just invest the money or invest the effort, white knuckling to save cash.

I’ve seen how collectors look at the back to see how much integrity the work has before they buy. I’ve had the chance to handle a real Picasso and even he who painted innumerable works still painted on supports that hold up. Sure, I’ve gotten many a frame in a dumpster dive to save money or in thrift stores. Hopefully our works won’t wind up there waiting to be torn off and used for their stretcher bars by future artists.

If you are interested in taking a course like this let us know, maybe we can schedule anther if there is enough interest. email us and let us know you want to be aded to the waiting list.

If you have some supports or built one last week that you want to properly learn how to size, prime, gesso, or do oil lead ground you can come down and learn a variety of ways this Friday April 12, 12:30 - 3pm and you can do it with guidance and supervision the right way.

Register here:

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