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In case you are wondering.... your summer HOMEWORK!

Before we get to the nitty gritty, which is what I need you to do this summer while you are away from the studio...

Our spring semester just ended and the students did great! Our summer semester begins, which includes all of our youth summer camps and more.

As many of you already know, June is my annual month off to travel abroad and study to help me keep up and improve my own skills. I’ll be out of the country until the end of June studying Rembrandt and the dutch still life masters in Holland. Just in case you are wondering…. We are still running all our figure sessions and kids courses during this time.

In addition to our regular figure sessions 3 evenings per week…….Pop up events will be happing throughout the summer. These will be one off events one day/evening/weekend events throughout the summer to help maintain your “Perfect Practice". So, keep your eyes peeled and keep reading these newsletters because you never know what opportunity may be missed.

We want to give a special thanks to Nick Rooney and all those participants who attended the PIGMENT event this past Friday. It was incredibly colourful, informative and inspiring! We ground pigments and learn all the nitty gritty stuff an artist should know about their paint, whats in it, how it’s made and more. One participant shared on social media that they learned more at this event than in the 4 years they were at ACAD! Take a look at some of the shots from the event below.

We also have one more thing to share and thats our first ever


This is open to all Atelier Artista students past and future…..

Come work, get feedback, some critique and homework assignments* 3pm - 6pm

Individualized guidance to help keep up your momentum this summer.

*Homework assigned to those individuals who request it.

There is a Bonus lecture on Oil Mediums this Wednesday June 5 @ 5:30 pm

I fly off in a couple of days so if you want cross paths or to touch base and cant make the events listed above shoot me an email and we can make arrangements:

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