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This year, I’ve seen such dramatic across the board improvement; levelling up, advancement in skill by so many.  Creatives are coming here in increasing numbers for just that - to grow in their accomplishments as artists.  Our students really are great students.  They want to be better, they’re prepared to devote the effort and they know they have better results in them.  Our programs will be far more effective for them in the new year.  We have noticed the growing needs and are accommodating appropriately.  Programs to be announced shortly will be more bitesized, more focused on specific skill building.  Brushwork.  Value, composition, coherence etc.  You’ll see soon.  Swift acceleration in the perceptible skill of our students;  that’s our aim. 

This is a serious studio.  It exists for two reasons, to provide a fertile home for creatives who are intent on growth in their abilities and as a crucible for my own expression.  it’s eccentric, it’s wacky, it’s fun but above all it’s hot.  The goal?  To make better artists; me included.  We provide pragmatic useful understandable instruction in an atmosphere that makes you want to grow and improve. We don’t want our folks to grope around trying to decode vaporous ethereal ideas, we want them to be able to get the concepts that will propel their growth and encourage them to apply them right away rather than to guess what is meant in application.  

Does it work?  When at figure drawing events its obvious to see who comes to the Atelier. There’s a show on downstairs at C Space right now.  The work of some of our students is in it.  You can tell. I can tell. Right away; which ones they are. 

This studio is made for creatives like you. Where do you fit in? 

We are a community of peers.  We work together to collaborate produce superior representational art.  that’s what we do and we make it fun while we do it. Sometimes we are in the roll of collaborators, teachers and professional models. Some people are participants who do drop in sessions to practice and improve their craft regularly like its a gym. Others are students who enrol in courses to better improve their work. Those are my “baby birds” who I want to feed so I can see them take flight on their own. Most of us are a mix of all these things but what we all have in common is our interest in learning more.I’m proud of you all. I have witnessed the grind and noticed the general improvement across all groups. Here at Atelier Artists it’s clear, we make more better artists!

Atelier Artista is grounded in representational art, composed of advanced skills and artistic practices from history and around the world. This year we will take another jump in in quality and what we offer. I’m off to recharge and reboot; a month in Paris, Spain etc. wherever the train takes me, to museums to fill my well. I plan to keep the social media flowing while I’m away talking about the very works I’m standing in front of so stay tuned for that. When I get back I’ll be on fire and produce more work myself using time honoured traditions of the masters. 

My job is to see what you don't see and then tell you how to get there. If you are serious about quickly improving your art Atelier Artista is the place for you.We look forward to seeing you in the new year. Happy 2024!

With Thanks and Gratitude, 

Bunny aka Brian Batista

Atelier Artista 

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