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Do you know the B.L.A.S.T. rule?

I know you may think painting is a wild exploration of passion, but often this leads to mud and you getting stuck. Being only academic can be stifling and going fill "Pollock" can get you into a mess. Maybe it is not so bad to have a plan of attack.

The hierarchy of importance in art that we are constantly reminding our students at the Atelier are as follows:





Those are the things you should be considering with all your decision making.

Using Blast as outlined below, as a course of action should jar any creative out of their painters block...

1. Use the biggest brush possible for a given passage.

2. Paint large shapes first, followed by small shapes.

Big and basic shapes to small and detailed.

You should be able to "read the artwork from 200 ft. away.

3. Save your tonal and chromatic accents until the last.

4. Try to soften any edge that doesn’t need to be sharp.

5. Take time to get the center of interest right. focal point.

The much more condensed version of BLAST is below.

Big brushes.

Large to small.

Accents last.

Soften edges.

Take your time.

Happy painting.

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