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Yes its true! Summer is nearly over and we are preparing the for fall courses. Registration is only a week away!

We are very excited to get back to our regular fall semester. The studio has things to clear out at the end of this month so I can transition into preparing the studio for classroom setting.

But while you are here, check out a few of the the things that have been going on since we’ve been closed as well as what coming up in the near future.


I was very fortunate that once the studio was forced to lock down to be offered work to help me sustain the space. I pivoted my skills into working on multiple projects with Metrographics for National Parks Canada during the lockdown. This timely opportunity has allowed me to keep my hands and mind busy while keeping the dream alive and my belly full at the same time. I got to work on all sorts of interesting things; painting and sculpting bio-walls, 3D printed topographical maps for Waterton and Nunavit ᓄᓇᕗᑦ , metal animal flat signage, scat and a fox taking a poop and everything else in-between. Plus I was asked to take some trips to work abroad in Waterton & Elk Island Alberta and Grasslands nation park in Saskatchewan. Special thanks to Metrographics for using my special skill set and putting them to good use on multiple projects that will have lasting effects.


I was invited to be a jury member on a recent incubator project and there was a group that made the shortlist that had such a great project I decided to support them privately. I have been mentoring 2PEAZ Art collective and recently we documented their work in the studio. 2PEAZ ( Melissa & Sharon) will be participating at the cSPACE Farmer’s and Maker’s Market that happens on Saturday as well as at the Alberta culture days events in the near future. So keep and eye out and please go and follow them on their brand new Instagram: 2peazart (


I have been maintaining long pose online with a weekly Livestream on the Atelier Artista Youtube channel here: (

There are only 5 online livestream session remaining until we reopen in person life drawing on Wednesday evenings. To get prepared, join us Wednesdays 6-9 not he Atelier Artista Youtube channel or watch the archive where there are more than 30 videos.



Course registration will be opened August 31.

First come first serve. Spaces are limited.


September 18th 12-4pm

FREE Open Studio event! Bobbi Dunlop and Geoffrey Klepeis will be at the open studio where you can join in and ask questions while drawing the clothed figure. Space is limited. First come first serve drop in. FREE!

BUNNY’s B-DAY September 12th. Event TBA


September 25 12 -4

We are hosting an open studio 10-5 with a live clothed model 12-4 easels and donkeys set up for anyone to use and and other atelier instructors demoing and available to answer questions.



September 27

Keep an eye out for the next newsletter and on the website for course registration. There will also be events listen on Facebook and Meet-up to remind you. Figure dowsing sessions will begin Short Pose September 28th and Long Pose September 29.


To answer questions that may come up...

Of course we are honouring all past credits from cancelled classes due to the lockdown as well as multi passes etc. which will be put back on sale and you can use them to drop into any of our drop day or night sessions.

Needless to say there is so much I have to do every day in order to get this place reopened, including a lot of cleaning and organizing and listing things so please bear with me I'm only one bunny.

Please understand it make take a while for to transition into reopening as everything rolls out again. I will do my best to get back to you and answer any questions you may have or to inform you of your credits. Thank you for your patience.



aka Brian Batista

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