• Brian 'Bunny' Batista


Thank you so much for being a subscriber and staying in the loop. On feb. 10, we celebrated our 4 year anniversary since opening to the public. Since we cant throw a party we decided instead to relaunch and rebrand our Newsletter "Clean Slate". Our goal is to deliver more valuable information, links and articles to your inbox twice a month. Please feel free to open and read, scan or not, its simple just to unsubscribe or not click on your inbox. Do whatever suits you best but we hope you love this new format and information contained within. Please feel free to share with us your feedback. Let us know what you like or want to read about in future issues. We are new at this and may not know what we may have missed.

Looking Forward and backward and starring off into space We celebrated 4 years on Wednesday this year. Normally we would have a celebration party but for obvious reasons we are at the mercy of provincial regulations for when we are allowed to open again. Sorry but we cannot give a definite date for classes which is why there are no new listings for courses or events on the website as of yet. We are crossing our fingers that in the near future things become more clear. In the meantime we are doing things to help keep you engaged like weekly live streams and uploading more content onto our youtube channel so please like, comment, share and subscribe.

Bunny's reflection on the decision to open this art school I am so grateful I took a leap of faith and opened this place. Insofar, Atelier Artista is the best decision I’ve ever made, turning this dream into a reality and I could not have done it without you. I love that every day I get to do what I love with like minded creative people. I miss you all so much and am so thankful. Each and everyone of you has had an effect on y life in the past four + years. Time feels as it has passed so quickly. I still remember signing on the dotted line and how terrified I was to do that. I only signed a year lease just in case it failed completely. I honestly had no idea if this would even work. All I had was a dream and one big echoing room. I dropped all my savings into equipment and furniture and I wondered how long it would take loose my shirt. What heck did I get myself into?

With great enthusiasm, sweat equity and elbow grease we opened our doors to you. You can read more on our website on our humble beginnings or visit my personal youtube channel full of renovation videos as I got the place ready. They are quite entertaining, well at least my moustache is. Click below. Blast from the past