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Cinco de Mayo

We hosted a special clothed figure May 9th where were graced by our model Danielle Nicol who suited up in an amazing post apocalyptic punk outfit. We did a variety of short and longer poses during the 4hr. session.

Thanks to everyone who made our event a success. If you didn't get a chance to pop into cSPACE for the building wide celebration there will be another opportunity in a few months. Below are a bunch of pics snapped on my canon camera throughout the evening.

The ones below are from my iphone and can also be seen on our instagram profile @Atelierartista

We hope to continue to bring more unique events and pop up opportunities outside our regular programming throughout the summer. Our next special event is only a couple of weeks on May 31! Nick Rooney will be hosting a special session all bout Pigments, oil paint and whats in them and how its made. Space is restricted so ensure you reserve your spot as it is filling up fast!

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