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CANCELLED! Sorry + Celebration +

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

So sorry creatives, There was an emergency booking cancellation. We scrambled to find a replacement in time but were unable to. Summer's are hard, everybody is on vacation it seems, trying to forget the stampede.

Unfortunately that means there will be no final figure drop in sessions this week.

We will try and reschedule before the fall semester as we are knee deep in youth camps for the remainder of the summer season at the studio. We are so sorry.


I want to take this moment to put a shout out to John Ross. John started drop in with us exactly one year ago on this day (according to the sign in sheets at least). We were hoping to celebrate with some cake at drop in and to look though his pads but it'll have to wait. Johns skills have really come a long way, so we'd like to celebrate that achievement. Great work John! Follow him on instagram ( @johnyaart )

This is a good reminder to all you to stick to it, that regular and consistent practice really does make progress.


We added one more spot this year if you have a youth we can take them here:

Finally, Stampede is over... YAY!

Bunny took a great video of the fireworks show from his neighbourhood and made a youtube episode you can check out here:

We look forward to teaching youth in the next few months and have you adults return in the fall, see you then!

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