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Are you Committed to Creativity?

As things wind down with our fall semester and we look forward to the new year ask yourself what you want to accomplish creatively in the new year.

Atelier Artista is nearing our 3rd successful year at cSPACE. We are planning a big celebration 5-8pm Saturday February 15, 2020 and you are invited!

We are taking this break as an opportunity to renew our commitment to quality with our aim to be the premier art spot in Calgary, accessible to everybody of all skill levels.

We will continue to offer our best to enhance our community and the overall skill and quality of artists in Calgary.

We will continue to advance and improve all of our classes by offering rich and dense course content.

We know it's tough in this current economy. Its tough for us too but we want to meet your needs.

We refined and re-designed many of our courses for 2020 to help you continue learning and improving.

We have tons to offer; new teachers, class times, new courses, and more refined opportunities for you to participate and practice.

We are now offering shorter semesters at lower prices, so we can maintain affordability and those with holiday travel plans wont miss anything along their artistic journey.

We built Atelier Artista for you. We hope that you will pass along our name to those you know who are a great fit with us. Word of mouth and rave reviews from you are our best strategy for growth and survival.

We look forward to seeing you in the new year.

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