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Atelier Artista is a safe space  for Calgarians of any demographic; age, race or gender

to learn, practise and improve their art. Art is for everyone! 

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All skill levels are welcome

  • Beginners who love art but have not had formal training

  • Amateur artists who want to beef up their skills or are returning to art after time away

  • Practicing and professional artists who may need more skills or a breakthrough 


Check it out we are listed with the other top art schools

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I do own a crystal ball! 

I tried my best to use it but to no avail. 


Crystal ball or not……. I don't know how long this will continue to go on. We expect this wave to take us into the cold and flu and snowy season.


In order to err on the side of precaution we are remaining closed for drop ins and group classes. 


We love our all inclusive demographics and wish not to alienate anyone. 

In lieu of group classes and events, we have been requested to offer private bookings and consultations at your request and discretion. 


In the meantime we will will bring back the free lifestreams and work on digital products for the new year.


I want you to practice! So keep standing by for the interim, keep making art and practicing in whatever way you can until we can safely reopen to all.



The management,


CEO Bunny 

Atelier Artista

(it sounded cooler that way lol)

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Check out our past
 FREE weekly live-streams ARCHIVED
on the Atelier Artista Youtube channel 


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Success! Thank you kindly. 

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Suite #410

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Calgary, Alberta

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