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Atelier Artista is a safe space  for Calgarians of any demographic; age, race or gender

to learn, practise and improve their art. Art is for everyone! 


learn, study, practise, improve

All skill levels are welcome

  • Beginners who love art but have not had formal training

  • Amateur artists who want to beef up their skills or are returning to art after time away

  • Practicing and professional artists who may need more skills or a breakthrough 


We are following the Provincial and Canadian Guidelines health and safety which you can FIND LINKED Below &  here.

guidelines from Alberta Health Services.



Origin story:


Brian Bunny Batista was without a personal studio space so he was on the look out for opportunities. He was teaching at AuARTS (Formerly ACAD) and samplers at Swintons for some time. After having travelled and studied abroad in Europe and the US for many years and seeing how the ateliers were doing it there he decided to look into it further. 

Luckily,  he heard from a friend about an opportunity to be an early adopter in a building projects. cSPACE was looking for tenants to sign on so they could secure the funding  to renovate an run down sandstone school circa 1912. He met with the team agreeing to rent a small personal studio space. That night he tossed and turned unable to sleep. He dreamt instead of the largest space they had with big north facing windows and slate chalkboards so he could open an Atelier! 

That was just the beginning...

He put everything he had into it and officially opened Feb. 14 2017.

Today the studio is thriving and growing. 


Update July 1, 2021: 


Due to Covid restrictions we are reducing our class sizes to ensure proper social distancing within the classroom.

You must register for classes and "drop in events" before hand so we can control the number of participants attending.


We insist that participants do not enter our space if they are feeling any of the symptoms outlined on the government website link here:

We request that all participants who sign up agree to recognize the city's mask bylaw by wearing one in indoor public spaces and throughout cSPACE.


There is disinfectant and hand sanitizer throughout the building and available in the classroom if you do not bring your own.


Only 2 people are permitted in the elevator at a time.


The east staircase is going up. The west staircase is just going down.

smaller panorama.JPG

Join us for FREE weekly live-streams Wednesdays 6 - 9 pm on the Atelier Artista Youtube channel or enjoy past archives

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Success! Thank you kindly. 

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Suite #410

1721 – 29 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta

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