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Atelier Artista is a safe space  for Calgarians of any demographic; age, race or gender

to learn, practise and improve their art. Art is for everyone! 

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All skill levels are welcome

  • Beginners who love art but have not had formal training

  • Amateur artists who want to beef up their skills or are returning to art after time away

  • Practicing and professional artists who may need more skills or a breakthrough 


New Provincial regulations begin September 20th:

New Provincial restrictions begin September 20th. In order to comply me must continue to maintain 2 metre distancing, indoor masking plus 1/3 fire code capacity. 


There is a capacity limitation of 5 people for the fourth floor spaces in the cSPACE building at any given time. With models and an instructor in the classroom, this means that only 3 participants are allowed to attend each class or figure session. Our minimum cost to run a course at current prices is to have 4 students enrolled. 


We will not be raising our current prices to offset these limitations! 


Some small classes (1 instructor and 4 students) and private classes will be running if they meet this criteria and have adequate enrolment. We have changed all the inventory numbers on our website to reflect which classes are still available for registration under the new conditions.


If you do register or have enrolled in a class that does run, you will be guaranteed a great class as they are all going to have a max of 3-4 other students in them!


Unfortunately, due to these newly imposed restrictions we will not be able to host any figure drawing drop ins including Rise & Draw until the provincial restrictions have been lifted. 


We apologize in advance to the who were looking forward to joining our fall season. We will process refunds quickly to those who have paid already for sessions that cannot be held due to these restrictions.  Remaining students will be informed if their classes are running shortly.


We will keep you informed as to when we are permitted to allow more students in or resume our drop in figure & regular classroom operations again. 


Thanks you for your continued support, patience and understanding.

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