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Male Front view reference image

Male Front view reference image

This full quality PGN file is approx. 15.9 MB download.

It is the straight on image with proportional lines of the male model facing forward. 

This is the image that will be used for the first part of the Figure lesson to cover the baseline proportions for the Friday Figure Livestreams starting in April 3, 2020


*Livestreams will be available on the ATELIER ARTISTA Youtube channel and live on their instagram story on IG TV. 


We are offering the classes for free at this time. In order to raise funds for our efforts and keep the studio roof over our heads, we are charging for the image though it is not necessary to enjoy the lesson. We recommend supportng us through purchase and encourahe those who are able to buy multiple #'s to contribute more liberally for the lesson. every bit help us keep doing this.


Thank you so much for your patronage.


Model instagram: @108leo

Photograph by Leya Russell Photography 




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