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Our goal is to provide the highest quality experience for both our students and our models.

Our studio has a model stand, high quality pads, mats and pillows for the model's comfort.

We wish to provide a safe space for our models and participants to work in.

We provide a professional environment where participants are mature and behave with respect.


*Please refer to our required etiquette for behaviour and rules to participate in any of our sessions 

Do you want to be an Art Model at
Atelier Artista?

If you are interested in becoming one of our figure or portrait models please send an application with previous experience, related work history and optional tasteful photos to


• We are looking for dynamic storytelling type poses.

• We are open to novice art models wishing to gain experience. 


• Experienced models are preferred for standing and long poses. We are happy to offer direction and guidance as needed, if requested. 

• Model work can be strenuous and challenging.


• Models should be in good health, having eaten before hand and maintain proper hydration.


• Models should bring water bottle, snacks, and anything else one may require during the session.


• Models will come prepared and are encouraged to bring costume items and props.


• Models must bring a robe and wear it during breaks or whenever they are not posing or on the model stand.

• Models will arrive 10 min before the session and should have poses prepared before hand.

• Sessions tend to be 3 hours in length with breaks every 20 minutes.


• Tuesday is our short poses and quick sketch evening. Pose lengths range from 1 min - 15min poses.


• Wednesday is our long pose evening. We do one continuous pose for the entire session with regular break intervals every 20 min. with a longer break near the halfway mark.

• During the course of a sustained modelling session it may be necessary to mark the model.


• This is done by applying small amounts of tape to reference points on and around the model while in pose.

We may also use make up to mark positions on the body where necessary.

• Only the host of the session will place a marks on or near the model while in pose.

• Models should inform the host of any limitations they have with respect to their modelling abilities.

• Models have every right to refuse work that puts them at physical risk or in any way makes them feel that their dignity or emotional well being is at risk.

• Models do not have to talk to any participants if they are not comfortable. 


• Models do not have to give consent for photos if they wish none to be taken by participants.


• Models may charge a fee or take tips if they allow a participant to take a photo.


Our policy is to pay our models fairly and request all those who use our space to do the same by offering the following rates:


$25/hr. for nude figure models as well as clothed or costumed models

$15/hr. for seated portrait sessions (no experience necessary)

We ask that all models sign our waiver and release form before the session begins.

Terms can be changed to the contract and you must sign a receipt upon receiving payment.​

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