Figure session etiquette

for artists, participants and models

We believe that figurative art and human bodies are not taboo and we take proper etiquette and behaviour seriously.

Our aim is to creating a safe and professional space without incident for the study of figurative art.

In order to be proactive and maintain respect during sessions at our studio we have adopted the etiquette guide outlined below. All people who participate in our sessions agree to our terms and policies.

We are all in this together and we want our space to represent the highest quality space offering a safe and respectful place for all those involved.

We expect that all models and participants follow the rules of engagement as outlined below or they risk being banned from participating in future sessions, without refund and without question.

The 10 commandments of figure etiquette


1) Privaelage.

Working with models at our studio is a privilege and not a right.

Atelier Artista, models and instructors reserve the right to deny anyone from participating in our sessions at any point according to their discretion. Participants can be asked to leave at any time without refund. There is no guarantee for admittance into any of our sessions.

​2) Professionalism.

All will act with respect and behave professionally and be courteous at all times.

All interactions between instructors, participants and models will be professional at all times.

Artists and models will conduct themselves with respect and dignity toward one another.

No lude or sexual remarks, giggling, pointing or disrespectful behaviour. Our figure model is incredible vunvruralbe, respect is a must. 

Please refrain from aggressive confrontational behaviour.

Participants and Instructors will respect the models personal space. Models will respect the Artists space. 

3) No physical contact between artists/participants and models for any reason.

For no reason will anyone, instructor or partispant ever physical touch a model. Any unsolicited contact between a partistant, instructor and model at artlirt artista will result in the person being immediately band from the premisses without refund or remittance. 

4) No photos. Photos cannot be  taken of the models without consent. 

Photos will only be allowed to be taken by participants by the express consent of the individual model on their terms and pricing upon request. Photos can only be taken with written consent as in all talent releases. One can be provided by Atelier Artista upon request. It is good practice to tip regardless of whether or not the model requests payment for photos.

5) Communication. No talking, or ordering the models around when working or on the stand.

No body directs the models but instructors and hosts. No negative comments will be made about the models physical appearance.

Complaints, objections or directions can be given only be done through communicating through the sessions host.

6) Privacy. When models are nude the doors must be closed at all times.

Privacy and discretion is important.

Models will wear robes when not on the model stand and during breaks and be attentive to the needs of the artists by resuming your pose promptly after the breaks.

People wishing to leave early or enter late must do so during the breaks when the models is robed.


7) Identity. The models chosen/working name will be used during the sessions.

Participants using social media will be respectful of individual's privacy when tagging and sharing on social media. 

It is always better to politely ask for permission. Models can write their preferred name and social media links etc. on the board.

8) Consideration for others. Participants will be mindful of the people around you in the session.

Participants will bring their own non toxic and odourless materials and clean up after themselves.

Atelier Artista is a scent free environment. We ask that models and participants refrain from applying perfumes in excess as there is always the potential for persons to be sensitive to them, perfumes and oils that are contained to your personal space are fine.

9) Participants must be 18+ unless special exemptions have been made with prior consent.

Due to the sensitivity of nudity in North America society and in order to provide a safe and respectful place for the pursuit of figurative arts participants to Nude Figure drawing must be 18 years of age or older.

We understand some persons under the age of 18 may be required to produce figurative art for entrance portfolios for recognized post secondary institutions. We are making exceptions to work with participants under the age of 18 on a case by case basis.  


Prospective underage participants must show a maturity and understanding of proper etiquette and will be required to make an formal application.


Parents or guardians must make a formal request and come in with the applicant/participant to discuss the expectations and terms of engagement as well as sign a written consent form.

10) Safety is the highest priority. 

Participants and models will be proactive and keep a watchful eye and be mindful of any and all safety concerns.

Models retain the right to refuse any pose or activity that they deem unsafe and can end any session without penalization.