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Bobbi Dunlop Open Studio Supply list

Bobbi Dunlop Open Studio Supply list

PAINT: Please buy professional grade paint when possible. Note: Acrylic Painters - names of colours may vary, please use approximate colours. Colours with * are optional but most likely will appear on my palette for the demonstrations. All demos in oil.

Titanium-Zinc White, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Yellow Medium * or Cadmium Yellow Deep, *Cadmium Red Medium or Light, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Orange *, Venetian Red (I use this in my skin mixture),Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue, Ivory Black (for exercises),Burnt Umber (my block-in colour),Raw Umber (makes beautiful greys for portraits),Burnt Sienna or Transparent Oxide Red or Brown. Note: if you have been enjoying a particular palette, please bring it along. It’s important for you to be comfortable with your tools.

BRUSHES: OIL PAINTERS: My favourite brush is the HOG BRISTLE FILBERT I use FILBERT Bristles #4 (1/2 inch) and #2 (1/4 inch) – a couple of each is always good. If you prefer flats, please bring a few in the same sizes.Plus, a larger size for the background (optional) #6-8 Filbert Bristle Robert Simmons Signet, H.J., Rosemary, Princeton, Richeson etc to name a few.Please bring all your brushes – feel free to use flats, rounds, synthetics, etc. BUT ensure that your brushes are in good shape! (your learning experience will be that much more enjoyable and successful!)

ACRYLIC PAINTERS:Synthetic Brushes for Acrylic or Oil: Filberts or Flats 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch. Several of each as well as anything else you'd like to bring. Please ensure your brushes are clean and in good shape! Princeton, WN, Richeson, etc.

PALETTE KNIFE - Trowel Shape, about the size of your thumb (3 inches). We'll be using the palette knife to paint with so not the teeny tiny ones ... no plastic knives.

PALETTE: To mix your paint on. Oil Painters: Glass, wood or appropriate paper palette is fine. Please buy only the larger sized palette paper intended for oil painting. If it doesn’t say ‘for oil painting’ on the package, don’t buy it. OR IF YOU BUY A WOODEN PALETTE – this will need to be pre-seasoned with oil (walnut, linseed, etc) many times in the days prior to using to reduce absorbency. No new untreated wooden palettes. Ask me how to do this if you aren’t sure (before the class/workshop).

Acrylic Painters: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! bring the large ‘stay-wet’ palettes for acrylic paints! Having a large surface makes painting easier and the paint won’t dry out immediately – making for less waste. I’ll be demo-ing in oil and if your paint stays wet, you’ll be able to simulate this to a certain extent. Feel free to bring your mediums but I tend to use acrylic mediums and water sparingly.

MEDIUMS: 3 For Oil Painters: all in containers with lids 1) Odourless Mineral Spirits – must be in a lidded jar/container specifically for cleaning your brushes. The metal container or jar with coil ring is ideal for this purpose. 2) OMS – smallish amount contained in a small cup/jar with lid which we'll use for painting 3) OMS MIXED HALF AND HALF WITH OIL such as walnut, linseed, etc. – smallish amount, bring a small lidded cup to put this in ... we'll be using this for painting. Good idea to bring your bottles of oil and OMS so you can mix it when you need it.

Acrylic Painters: Mediums:: Feel free to bring your favourite acrylic gel mediums. Optional for your 'starts'.

CANVAS: For both oil and acrylic painters:
REFERENCE PHOTOS: If you’re painting from your own photo reference, bring it to class (can be on your iPad). Bring a few in order to select the best one.

STILL LIFE OBJECTS TO BRING: If you’re doing a still life from life: Give this lots of thought! Students will be painting their own personal objects for their still life paintings.
Ideas: FRUIT: For sure a bunch of fresh purple grapes AND another fruit or two, such as an orange, lemon, apple, cantaloupe, plums, etc. Think: lovely colour; lovely shape, lovely accent. Keep in mind, you might decide to cut it up, and/or if you want multiple of the fruit in your paintings, bring odd numbers, 3 or more.

GREENERY/FLORAL, ETC: this is not a floral workshop, however, feel free to bring greenery such as a branch, a vine, single flower or two, etc. Dried or artificial flowers, leaves work really well – lovely accents.

The Star of the Show! VASES/TEAPOTS/BASKETS/CERAMICS/SCULPTURE/CLOTHS/DRAPERY: a drape or two for the backdrop of your set up – think something dark and perhaps another colourful note - and/or perhaps a cloth to drape over the table top of your set up. Not too busy. Again, think of a colour theme with several options. SMALLER OBJECTS for accents.

~THINK THIS FOR YOUR SET UP: Something DARK, Something LIGHT, Something Bright, Something Dull.Bring a number of objects so that you can mix and match until you come up with your own visual idea.This will be your own personal still life containing those things that are special to you.

SKETCH PAD & PENCIL - for thumbnail sketches, PAPER TOWEL - Bring a roll, you'll use lots, APRON,
GLOVES, PLASTIC WRAP OR WAX PAPER - to cover your palette for take home, PIZZA BOX - optional, to carry your wet painting home in, CAMERA - to photograph your still life (to complete at home if necessary) and demos, WATER, NOTE PAD AND PENCIL - to take notes!


If you have any questions, feel free to email me
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