You don't need a lot to get started & it shouldn't have to break the bank. 


Below are the basics to get started.

Additional materials will be discussed during classes.

Many items are available for purchase at the Atelier on our art store page: 

Drawing courses

We provide the drawing horses, drawing boards and butterfly clips

You will need

  • A notebook, sketchbook or binder to take notes and store handouts is recommended

  • Paper: 18" X 24" smooth newsprint pad or other paper type

  • Two butterfly clips to attach your pad to a drawing board 

  • An assortment of graphite pencils: HB, 2B to 8B

  • Conte 1710 B (preferred) or Wolf's carbon pencils. 

  • A blade to sharpen your pencils and a piece of 120 - 220 grit sandpaper in a ziploc baggie

  • A vinyl eraser and a  kneaded eraser

Painting courses


We provide the easels, tabourets, chairs, aprons and water containers (for acrylic painters)

You will need 

  • A notebook, sketchbook or binder to take notes and store handouts is recommended

  • Paper towels, a box of facial tissues or hand wipes for clean up

  • A palette (Grey Matters tear away palette is recommended)

  • Brushes: An assortment of firm bristle and soft  brushes 

  • Acrylic Medium like Retarder or GAC-100

  • Gloves or barrier cream if you don't want to get your hands dirty

  • Basic Paint colours: 

Titanium white

The primaries (Red, Yellow and Blue) in warm and cool options

Burnt Umber

Yellow Ochre

Specific to oil Painters

  • A solvent container with a closing lid (a mason jar will work)

  • Oil Mediums and driers: Liquin or Galkyd, Walnut Alkyd, Solvent free Gel or Oleogel

  • Solvent: Gamsol mineral spirits or odourless thinner

  • If not using solvents than Safflower oil

* Please direct further questions through our contact form or via email 

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