• Brian 'Bunny' Batista

Get your hands dirty in a safe & supportive creative environment….

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do proper shading?

Do you know the value of values?

Want to try charcoal? Graphite or more?

How about improve your Watercolours?

Getting in your figure drawing practice?

Got creative kids?

If you already think you are pretty good.....Do you understanding the muscles, the different types, names, origins and insertions and how applying this can help you improve your figure drawings immensely?


If any of these questions are something you have asked yourself then we have what you are looking for…

ACT fast because this slew of opportunities begin very soon!

Check out 5 opportunities starting this week:

1) Figure Fridays, starts THIS Friday *includes model fees (5 weeks beginning Feb.28)

2) Drawing fundamentals, values and shading properly (Tuesdays begins March. 3 - April 14)