with Nick Rooney

Friday June 28, 2019      start time 6pm

Have you ever wondered.....

What is in oil paint?

How is it made?

Am I getting what I've paid for?

In this lecture/demo Nick will discuss everything you've wanted to know about oil while demonstrating how high quality hand made pigment is made.  

He will also do some colour mixing and allow you to mull your own paint that you can take home afterward.

Snacks and more will be provided :D

Space is restricted.

You must be 18+ to attend.

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PIGMENTS with Nick Rooney


Excerpt below form our Newsletter article #8 titled "you get what you pay for" Read the entire article here.

What does all this mean to you the buyer? Well you get what you pay for but buying more expensive many not be the simple solution. I still use a lot of student grade paints like Winton in my work. It just depends on its intended use. Maybe you want to extend the paint or maybe you need to fill large areas a background with textured impasto rather than bend it to have strong tinting strength.  Maybe what you need is a stiffer paint in with binders and waxes already added.  It would be better to buy a paint formulated for the job rather than experiment with adding all the fillers etc yourself to your pricey tube of paint. 


So what is in there? They tend to list the vehicle, some colours from the same brand use different oils for their strengths. They list the Pigment, its lightfastness, maybe opacity and transparency but thats about it. They really don't have to list much at all. Their proprietary recipes are trade secrets similar to whats in that tube of toothpaste…they don’t have to list ingredients because you aren't supposed to ingest it. But with a little digging you can find out.


We have made it easy….There is so much more to this subject to discuss, we are offering a special night to learn more about it with Nick Rooney, Friday May 31st! We will learn all about how paint is made, whats in it, how to make our own, how to mull pigment and oil. Plus you will get to take some hand made paint home with you too! Empower yourself with knowledge it cant hurt.


Space will be restricted, you must be 18+ to attend.


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