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Art is such a wonderful way to bring people together - Atelier Artista hosts stagettes, birthday parties, small private groups, corporate team-building events, or perhaps your next holiday party. 


Communicating and connecting over art while learning new skills is the beauty of these private group sessions. Atelier Artista can accommodate 10 people comfortably for both painting and drawing sessions, although additional guests may be accommodated (see below) we provide the equipment, art materials and models if drawing from life.


These sessions are typically booked for weekends but early booking means we have more flexibility plus we have times during the week as well.


Three-Hour Holiday Special for $500 (Regular Price is $750) +additional fees for model/materials if painting for 10 participants.


Please Note: There may be additional charges for additional materials after the specifics of your group booking are made. These can be made at checkout or before your booking date.


Any additional participants will be $75/each

$25/per person for painting sessions materials.

$10/per person model fee if there is a live model booked.


please contact us @ to arrange booking date/time and any extras you may need.

    C$750.00 Regular Price
    C$500.00Sale Price