Wednesdays 3:30 - 6pm

10 weeks starting October 9


Stop making mud! This course will be a game changer and we still have spots available this class starting October 9. Take it once and know everything you need to solve your problems in paint In this course we will will teach you everything you need to know to harness the power that is colour in your artwork.....including how to enhance your eyes ability to perceive, what to look for when you buy pigments, how to mix, values, warm and cool colours, chromatic neutralization, colour harmonies, when to add mediums and how to apply these blends then to enhance you everything you paint, a must for any artist.


Everything you want and need to know about colour, hues, values, shades, tints, and chromatic neutrals. You will learn how to mix paint, what it is made of, how to properly use it, and change it for different uses. You will develop a palette layout and paint a variety of examples of colour harmonies and families. You will experiment with colour interactions as well as make realistic flesh tints for your paintings.


Level: Beginner - Advanced

Colour in Theory and Practice

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