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King for a Day, Fool for a lifetime Print

King for a Day, Fool for a lifetime Print

*All prints are photo quality on thick card stock type paper.

Square format with white border

32 cm. X 32 cm.

* frame pictured not included




This image shows the great Dharmapala (protector of the teaching) Vaishravana, guardian of the North and god of wealth. He is sitting atop a snow lion,wearing golden armour and holding a victory banner. In his hand is a jewel-spouting mongoose which represents generosity. A wavy rainbow aura shoots out from behind the main figure.

Surrounding the figure are the eight demon lords scattered with their demon armies. Amongst the background characters are the eight lucky symbols (wheel, fish, knot, vase, banner, jewel, conch and lotus) and seven royal necessities (precious wheel, queen, wish granting jewel, the elephant minister, horse and general). A chubby figure gleefully empties a large bag of riches to the left of Dharmapala.

I choose the title "King for a day, fool for a lifetime" to re