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GLAZING Painting foundations

GLAZING Painting foundations

Tuesday June 25th 6:30 - 9:30 (3 hr class)

For oil and acrylic painters of all skill levels.


Making colours vibrant like a candy coating. If you have seen the work of the old masters in person and wondered at how the colours were still so bright 500 years later its all about the glazing. Most peole are throwing around the term willy nilly but dont know what it is and what it is best used for. 


Bunny will show you a slide show of his favourite examples of old masters glazes, up close photos he's collected over the years. Bunny has very specific ideas about what glaze is, how to do it best and will give you his favourite recipies.


There are certain pigments that work well for glazing and this is the one time he recommends using a white palette.


*It is recommended that all students have a regular sized binder or notebook of some sorts to keel hand outs and example snad expereiments of their work. You can buy canvas sheets or oil paper  that can be hole punched and added to the binder, or inexpensive canvas panels for your work to keep as reference in your studio.


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