Fridays 9:00 – 11:30

5 weeks beginning Feb.28

*Includes Model fees


This course will give you the confidence and skills to attend figure sessions and improve your abilities drawing the human form.


*Foundations 4 focus on proper shading and understanding muscle structures.


This course offers a full overview of all aspects of figure drawing and anatomical studies. A huge emphasis is put on having a strong foundation in the fundamentals and how to effectively approach drawing the human form.  We work to understand how to best represent the body from the many available references. We cover the many ways to depict the human form and move toward improving our craft by building a theoretical framework through memorization and observation.  Live nude models are hired for the final sessions.


*For this course you will need pencil crayons and a pad of tracing paper large enough to cover your newsprint pad.


Level: Beginner – Advanced (previous drawing experience an asset)

Full Figure Anatomy Studies - Foundations 4

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