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FLESH Painting foundations

FLESH Painting foundations

Tuesday June 18th 6:30 - 9:30 (3 hr class)

For oil and acrylic painters of all skill levels.


Ho to create convincing  



I have spent some time mastering the skill of mixing this palette and I'm proud at how I've designed a way to understand how it works best. After stuying with Shane Wolf at the Paris Academy of A, he recommended I only using this palette for a year. I have integrated this palette into a concise system of mixing and moving about. This is great as you only need 4 tubes of paint, but we will also add a few ammendments to help you push it further.


I recommend working with this palette fo some time as it will help advance your knowledge of colour mixing as you add more and more hue options. This is a great stepping stone as this was used by countless masters and still has relevance to painting today.


You dont have to buy anything special. Just have  black, red, yellow ochre and white. We can learn the advantages of different brands. I prefere Cad red light myself as the red but vermillion will also work. Also any black but we can cool it further with the addition of ultramarine or cobalt.


*It is recommended that all students have a regular sized binder or notebook of some sorts to keel hand outs and example snad expereiments of their work. You can buy canvas sheets or oil paper  that can be hole punched and added to the binder, or inexpensive canvas panels for your work to keep as reference in your studio.


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