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You can help me to meet your needs!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020


For those of you in the know, “Bunny” certainly has been hustling and shaking his little bunny tail when not delivering eggs this weekend.

I miss you all so much and I am thinking about you individually however It is far better for me to cast a much wider net and contact you all to help me gather information. I want to still be able to be part of your creativity. I know most of you have some sort of space or studio at home.

So heres how you can help me by sharing your opinions and info in the survey below.

After doing several free live streams, online videos, (don’t worry we are still going to do those) I found the learning curve and personal investment bot financial and time to be an enormous amount of prep and work so far. Im only one rabbit, I’m incredibly passionate about what I do but don't have the juice to do it all. I tried to do what others do including adding zoom bookings. It is in its fledging state.

We have eliminated almost everything on our website to make it easier to navigate. You can get access to new and upcoming things on our website:

As I continue to clean up & improve the studio in the daytime. I am also streamlining and transitioning Atelier Artista online. But being just one guy I need to focus my energies and narrow down what you want me to do:

So I have this online survey, please fill it out if you have the time:

Thank you in Advance, Bunny

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