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Bobbi Dunlop will be teaching at Atelier Artista

We are so proud to announce that Bobbi Dunlop will be teaching classes at the Atelier on Thursdays beginning November 7th. Learn the skills of mastery in either or both the still life and floral course or the figurative one. You will be glad you did!

Finalist Gallery Representation

"Percheron Pals", oil on ACM panel, 24x24 $3850

It was wonderful to learn that Bobbi's painting, "Percheron Pals", was chosen as a finalist for the "Gallery Representation Award" in the "Art Muse Contest" for the month of August. It will be entered as a finalist to be represented by Jack Meier Gallery (for six months), to be announced in January, 2020. Many thanks to judge, John Lasater and Art Muse Contest.

Judge's Comments: "Masterful skill in Cheron drawing and subtleties. Also surprising sense of space in such a flat set of colours." - John Lasater

If you love the work and want to learn the secrets from the master herself you can learn more and register today on our website linked below:

Still life:


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