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Atelier Artista Covid Classroom Guidelines:


We are making every effort and preparation to follow the health guidelines.

Our reopening goals are to remain as safe as possible while still delivering great opportunities:


  • Please have your mask or face shield with you at all times, they must be work in all the public spaces within the cSPACE King Edward building.

  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer or use gloves if needed.


  • Please limit passenger numbers in the elevator.


  • We have an amazing and efficient air filtration system in this building. We are are also performing additional safety precautions including sterilizing and fogging.

  • We ask that students sterilize the equipment they use afterward.


  • We are keeping class sizes limited on a fist come first save basis to ensure socially distanced spacing. ​

  • We cannot run “Drop-in sessions” due to our ned to control our attendance numbers but we will  continue to honour outstanding credit and pre-purchased multi-passes.


  • Do not just show up. You must register and pay beforehand on a first come first serve basis.


Additional participant responsibilities:


  • Please bring all your own supplies and materials to class as we are trying to reduce contact risks through shared items.

  •  Please bring your own apron and personal equipment as we will not be using shared stuff

  • if you are in need of apron we have a few we can lend out for the semester if you take care of it and properly launder it.

  • We will be closing the drink food and snack areas to avoid cross contaminations so we ask that you bring your own snacks and your own drinking containers and mugs if you are attending classes or figure sessions.

  • We ask that you leave your phone off and stored in your jacket pocket or at our collection point at the door before entering class to reduce touch points and distractions during sessions.


  • We ask that you be nurturing to those our community and behave respectfully of others viewpoints.


  • Please do not have conversations about Politics, Race, Religion or COVID. We want to keep civility in our space for all who attend. Failure to do so and keep the peace will result in a reprimand or your ejection from the studio with no refund given.


  • Please discuss any questions or concerns directly with your instructor or by emailing or through the website contact forms.

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